Discussing Stupid: Talking Digital Customer Experience
Episode 3: Being a HERO with your customer’s data (and understanding what you have) | Liam Cleary, SharePlicity & Rencore
May 9, 2018 · 36 min
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Since Virgil knew you couldn’t get enough about good data practice regulations, he decided to do another episode on GDPR . . . yay! Where Episode 2 dealt with the collection of private data, this Episode focuses on how you handle your customer’s private data after you collect it. To assist him in telling this exciting story, Virgil recruited his long-time friend Liam Cleary. Liam is a well-respected data security expert. Liam applies his expertise in both his own consultancy, SharePlicity, and as the Security Product Owner for Rencore. Liam also spends a significant amount of time in the world of hacking . . . teaching people how to protect their own data from being hacked (wink, wink).

During this enlightening discussion, Virgil and Liam discuss the bigger problem in the way we handle customer data, that is, do we actually know where it goes? According to Liam, "One of the key things to focus on regarding GDPR is to make sure you understand how the data moves around and really how it integrates in other applications and systems that you might utilize it in." Take a customer's email as one example; you can forward it in an email, add it to a CRM, put it in an order tracking system, or add it to your email subscription list. But, can you find all of that customer's data and know how to remove it if you receive a request to do so? Virgil and Liam also discuss the importance of good processes and procedures and some of the realities around the effort it takes to be compliant.

If you care about your customer's private data once you have it, then you might want to give a listen.

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