Unlocking Africa
Unlocking Africa
Sep 25, 2023
How Effective PR Can Transform African Companies and Nations: PR, Perception, and Progress with Bemi Idowu
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Episode #89 is with Bemi Idowu, who is a PR and communications specialist with vast experience in leading and delivering successful media campaigns for a wide range of companies, from established global players to Africa-focused start-ups.

Bemi is also the founder and managing director of Talking Drum Communications, which is a public relations and communications consultancy that supports companies innovating in Africa to shape perceptions and get more effective publicity for the work they are doing.

They work with technology companies, manufacturers, and other innovators that are enabling new opportunities to drive economic growth on the continent, delivering successful media campaigns that align with their business goals.

What We Discuss With Bemi 

  • What inspired you to start a public relations and communications consultancy focusing on Africa's innovators? 
  • How important are effective publicity and perception-shaping for companies innovating in Africa?
  • How can PR and communications be utilised as tools to leverage economic growth in Africa?
  • Is there a correlation between positive PR and communications and investment flows into Africa or into specific companies?
  • What are some common misconceptions or stereotypes about doing PR and communications in Africa, and how do you address them?
  • And much more...

Full show notes and resources can be found here: Unlocking Africa show notes

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