Live from South Korea | 2022-08-10
Play • 1 hr 8 min

Hosts: Kevin @Berrey | Sunny @sunnya97


  • -top priority for the next couple months is order books / concentrated liquidity
  • -after that, threshold encryption
  • -Osmosis DevTools Beaker and Telescope on full display at Hackatom, Buidl Asia, and Korea Blockchain week
  • -bridge integrations and fiat onramp integrations coming along well (Transak also being added, in addition to Kado) - should be available in 1-2 months
  • -first CosmWasm contracts going live on chain (Apollo multisig)
  • -ION DAO contracts likely to go on chain after they’re updated and voted on again
  • -likely doing a Maker-style over-collateralized stablecoin: IOU
  • -Rektdrop in final testing stages; coming very soon (data here)

tl;dr by stevie woofwoof.  Detailed notes here.

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