Maud Arnold ft. Straight Up Sis - Syncopated Ladies. Tap. Positivity
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Maud Arnold is an absolute force. A force on the dance floor, a force in the boardroom, and a force of positivity and light! Seriously, you can’t help but smile and get jazzed when Maud in your presence or even your ear buds. Joining Maud in this episode are two of our favs, Tara Jackson and Masini McDermott from the ‘Straight Up Sis’, as the featured business in our new segment, ‘What Cha Doin?’

Maud Arnold is a Columbia University graduate and one of taps leading ladies! Along with her sister Chloe, they are a choreographing and producing duo known worldwide for their female tap band, the Syncopated Ladies. They have appeared on The Ellen Show, and So You Think You Can Dance, received praise from Beyonce, Janet Jackson, and Shonda Rhimes, and, no big deal, but one of their biggest mentors is none other than Debby Allen! Chloe and Maud strongly believe in giving back to their community and lifting others along the way. Through their charity, The Chloe and Maud Foundation, Chloe and Maud provide equal opportunity to educational programming that educates and inspires young people around the globe through dance and entrepreneurship. 

Masini McDermott and Tara Jackson have recently joined the podcasters fam with Straight Up Sis, a weekly podcast where opinions are given to you, straight up! They have covered topics such as bullying, lifting up and celebrating your friends, and therapy and mental health. Straight up Sis is available wherever you download your podcasts. 

Come hang with us, grab a drink (if you’re not driving), and get your weekly fix of musical theatre banter, with beverages

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