S4E2: Assume Positive Intent
Play • 58 min

Show Notes:

  • (01:50): Advantages and disadvantages of social media  
  • (09:45): API: Assume Positive Intent 
  • (17:01): Character vs. reputation 
  • (26:25): Ask better questions 
  • (32:57): Understanding complexity 
  • (37:25): How does failure affect your life? 
  • (46:22): How to figure out what you want in life 


“You are not defined by your job title, you're not defined by your function, you're defined as a human.” - Bryce ‘

“We're human beings, we're exploring, we're navigating on this floating rock inside some sort of universe.” - Bryce

“API: Assume Positive Intent.” - Bryce 

“Wonder leads to better conversation.” - Bryce 

“Deal with failure and stick it all the way through.” -Misbah

“There are takers and givers in the world.” - Bryce

“Don't allow your memories to be bigger than your dreams.” - Bryce

“We can adapt so easily to different lifestyles.” - Misbah

“Try a lot of things.” - Misbah

“Know when to quit certain thoughts or a certain mindset.” - Misbah

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