DNA Surprises
DNA Surprises
Jan 18, 2022
Crystal's DNA Surprise
Play • 55 min

Crystal's DNA surprise came as a total shock, years after she took her Ancestry DNA test. When her older sister showed up as a half-sibling, Crystal discovered that she is an NPE.

She shares the intense emotions that people who experience non-paternal events feel, from sadness to hope. She talks about how connecting with her newfound family is going so far. Finally, Crystal offers some great advice for anyone who has just discovered that they are an NPE.

Thanks to Crystal for sharing her story.

Do you want to share your DNA Surprise story? Send a DM or email dnasurprises@gmail.com.

IG: @dnasurprises

Do you have a DNA Surprise that you'd like to share? Email dnasurprises@gmail.com.

IG: @dnasurprises
Twitter: @dnasurprises
TikTok: @dnasurprises
Website: www.dnasurprisespodcast.com

Registration is open for the inaugural DNA Surprise Retreat, May 4-7 in Tucson, AZ!

If you're an NPE, donor-conceived person, or adoptee who has experienced a DNA surprise, join us for four days of community and support!

IG: @dnasurpriseretreat

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