Insight Coaching Community Podcast
John Strasser
Experience ACTUAL coaching sessions as we bring you inside the Insight Coaching Community’s Life Coaching Lab, while teaching you an entirely different way of getting paying clients. We didn’t get into this business to be stuck behind a computer all day, creating content and becoming social media mavens. We got into this business to coach, yet most coaches spend most of their time doing everything else BUT coaching. Each week, Certified Master Insight John Strasser will teach how to do what actually works rather than what doesn’t work and isn't fun. He will teach you how to make service the central focus of your business, rather than selling, marketing, and manipulating. And he will teach you how to get interested in people, rather than trying to get people interested in you. If you want to learn how to coach at a higher level and how to build a coaching business that aligns with your values—listen regularly, visit our website for the latest free resources, and join our Free Training. For more info, go here:
Insight Coaching Community Podcast
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