Decluttering and Finding Yourself (w/ Pro Organizer, Claudia Winkler)
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Is this you? Maybe you look around your home and you feel a sense of chaos rather than peace and calm. Maybe you and your partner are moving in together and finding space for the new combination of things is proving to be challenging. Maybe you feel weighed down by gifts you've been keeping out of guilt because you don't want to hurt the person who gave them to you. Maybe your family has recently lost a loved one, or you're moving your 90-year-old aunt into assisted living, and your family is trying to process what to do with 60+ years of stuff... Whatever your situation, this is for you. 

Claudia Winkler, Professional Organizer and Founder of WOW! Organized! LLC, joins Katie Kurpanek, Eco-Living Coach and Podcast Host, to inspire and equip you with the tools you need to create a living space that embodies who you truly are. As we are discussing becoming more conscious consumers in this season, Claudia beautifully addresses the full life-cycle of our items: from how to mindfully bring things into our home, to making the most of each item, and then finally considering how to responsibly and sustainably declutter when that time has come. Claudia's work involves so much more than simply organizing, however. She supports people to not only find a home for their things, but to find themselves in the process. 

Additional Resources:

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