Why Shopping Online can sometimes be BETTER for the Earth (with Rachel Kois)
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How many times have you found yourself in a bind where you need a product and can't find it in stores or, for the sake of time, it's just easier to buy it online? You're not alone -- there were roughly 256 million online shoppers in 2020, and that number is increasing every year! But did you know that shopping online CAN be better for the environment (and for people) when done thoughtfully?

Rachel Kois, CEO and Founder of Simple Switch, joins Katie Kurpanek, Eco-Living Coach and Podcast Host, to share her story of building an easy-to-use, online platform with currently over 4,000 products -- each with a direct social and/or environmental impact! Rachel is a "stubborn idealist" who firmly believes we can change our systems and infrastructures so that our consumer habits make positive impacts on this world, rather than the harm we're more often seeing today. Simple Switch is all about encouraging people to do the best they can, take one step at a time, and is not into pressuring with shame-based tactics but instead opts to make these choices super easy and accessible to anyone!

MIT article mentioned in episode: "Environmental Analysis of US Online Shopping"

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Rachel Kois, Founder/CEO, Simple Switch


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