Showing Up As Your Authentic Self, Sustainably (w/ Leander Lacy)
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Do you ever struggle to show up authentically within a space, or struggle with sustaining that authenticity depending on where you are? Showing up true to who you are consistently takes a lot of work for you to know: 1. what your values are, and 2. how you can engage a level of vulnerability in order to simply be YOU, without compromise. 

Leander Lacy, a trained environmental social scientist and host of the Green Mind Podcast, joins Katie Kurpanek, Eco-Living Coach and Podcast Host, to talk about the intersectionality between our relationships with people and with nature. Leander shares the 4 different kinds of trust and what the implications are for building meaningful relationships within your life that will allow you to show up authentically, and hopefully, provide us all more opportunities to bring everyone together as we work toward the common goal of caring for the earth, each other, and ourselves.  (full bio below)

NOTE: post-editing, I realized that a few times I used the words "America" and "United States" interchangeably, even though "America" encompasses both North and South America, more than just the U.S.A. My intentions with the word "America" were only in reference to the United States throughout this episode, and I will continue to work toward utilizing a more mindful and inclusive choice of words as we move forward. Thanks for learning with me! 
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"The Green Mind explores the intersection of social and environmental advocacy. We take a journey to uncover the actions people are taking around the world to showcase the symbiotic, yet sometimes tumultuous, relationship between people and nature. Your host, Leander Lacy, is a trained environmental social scientist and is a consultant for environmental organizations that are trying to meet both social and ecological outcomes. He has worked on projects around the world exploring the relationship between people and nature. Now he wants to bring his love for this work to you! He will interview experts that are doing work now to build and sustain this critical connection between communities and the Earth."

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