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Write a Book that Doesn't Suck - Outliner or Pantster
Mar 5, 2020 · 10 min
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Welcome to Write a Book that Doesn't Suck, the podcast where you'll learn to write, publish, and sell a book that readers will love! The first step to composing an incredible book is coming up with the idea. For some of us, we have more ideas than we can handle. For the rest of us, we tend to have a concept, but struggle with filling in the in-between. Most authors are categorized as Outliners or Pantsters. Which are you? Do you know? Listen to this podcast and find out the benefits and withdrawals of each, how to discover your best pre-planning, and a challenge to write in a new way to broaden your writer’s toolbox!
Host Jaimie Engle of the Write Engle has worked with tens of thousands of writers on craft and book branding for the past decade. Her award-winning books and critically acclaimed
presentations are the basis for this podcast, and the book of the same name that inspired it all. 
Each episode features a single, quick writing tip to help you improve your skills, sell more
books, and climb the ladder to best-seller! Jaimie believes all writers have the same goal: getting great books into readers' hands, and her mission is to help YOU become an incredible author! 
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