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Ladies Gun Show #4: Gun Rights are Women's Rights.
Feb 10, 2020 · 58 min
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In this episode of Femme Fatale's Ladies Gun Show we are going to be discussing the role of Women in the fight to preserve our second amendment rights. Our guest today is Barbara Rumple who is currently..........and is running for .......

Today we will talk with Barbara about the role of the NRA, and in particular the role of NRA women and women's groups, in opposition to the Bloomberg backed women's group “Moms Demand Action” trying to strip us of our rights. Gun rights are women's rights and we need to clearly curb the direction the battle is going in order to protect every citizen in this country. Our fight is not about politics but about the safety and security of our families.

Legal disclaimer:

We’re going to touch on a lot of legal issues in this episode and unless otherwise stated we want it to be clear that we are not attorneys.

We will discuss our observations impressions and opinions in the show. We encourage you to seek your own legal advice from a bona fide attorney who specializes in gun laws. If you have your firearm insurance with USLawshield you have access to top firearm attorneys with offices in your area

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