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Crypto Buzz-8.6.18
Aug 7, 2018 · 55 min
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What is Bitcoin? What does cryptocurrency mean? Should I be scared of a Blockchain because that sounds frightening? Hey there. Do you find yourself wondering what does all this stuff mean and why should I care? Well then you should definitely tune in and get familiar with all these concepts. Your host Steve Baran will gently explain in detail why you should be at least versed in the topic and if you really like what you hear then Steve will also guide you into the very new and exciting frontier dubbed as "crypto." The Crypto sphere is growing larger ever day. With new "altcoins" being added and more retailers accepting it, the world is trying to get caught up and stay ahead of the technology. Are you a skeptic? Then you may really want to lean closer to the speaker and listen up. This may be the authority you have been looking for.

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