#101 - Colleen Conlon: Challenging Your Identity
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In the 101th episode of The Strength Connection Podcast, Mike and our special guest, RKC Instructor, Kettlebell Coach and Author of Kettlebell Catalyst, Colleen Conlon, will talk about her struggles with eating disorder, working in a kettlebell studio, training for Guiness world record, challenging her identity, and more.

Join us in this insightful and captivating talk!

In this chapter, you will discover:

(1:20) Introducing our special guest, Colleen Conlon

(1:50) Spray painting kettlebells

(2:15) Shout out to Kevin Dea @_coach_kevd_

(2:40) The kettlebell designing movement

(3:30) Kettlebell Catalyst by Colleen Conlon

(4:10) Colleen’s origin story

(4:30) Living in the most unhealthy household

(4:50) Struggling with bulimia since 6th grade

(6:05) Having 3 abdominal surgeries at 17

(6:35) Lack of physical therapy after abdominal surgeries 

(7:15) Lack of abdominal sensation

(7:35) Following crazy diets

(8:05) Being in a constant battle

(8:30) Meeting her now husband, Tim Facciola @timfacciola

(9:15) Attending group fitness classes

(9:45) Working out with her husband, Tim Facciola @timfacciola

(10:25) Joining a body building studio

(10:50) Colleen’s epiphany moment

(11:25) Learning how to train with kettlebells

(12:15) The impact of kettlebell training on Colleen

(12:30) Colleen’s first ever pull-up

(12:50) Colleen’s new motive

(15:05) Not being in the right place

(16:05) The goal behind Kettlebell Catalyst

(16:35) Colleen’s instagram feed

(17:05) “You can start with something that might seem a little bit intimidating, but there's a safe way to go about it.” - Colleen Conlon

(18:55) Unhealthy bonding moment

(19:10) Being crazy competitive

(19:35) A little bit of disordered eating

(21:45) The reason behind lack of common nutrition knowledge

(22:55) Getting RKC Level 1 certification

(23:05) Progresive calisthenics certifications

(23:45) Doing the human flag

(26:35) When did Colleen start calisthenics?

(27:15) The reason behind going back to kettlebells

(27:40) Standard for getting calisthenics certification

(28:55) Training for pistol squad 

(30:00) “If you are spending that time focusing on the bodyweight, it's going to significantly impact your lifts so long as there's awareness.” - Colleen Conlon

(30:15) Shout out to Pavel Tsatsouline @strongfirst

(31:30) Setting a Guinness world record

(32:40) Colleen’s inspiration behind setting a Guinness world record

(34:35) Shout out to Annie Vo @vofactor

(35:45) Colleen’s initial goal

(36:25) Training for breaking the swings Guinness world record

(37:25) The problem with scar tissues

(38:25) The audacity of gynecologists

(39:00) Seeking help from a pelvic floor rehabilitation center

(41:55) Deciding to do Turkish get-ups record

(42:45) The standard for Ginness’ Turkish get-ups record

(44:40) Colleen’s first attempt in Arizona

(46:20) A decade long pelvic pain

(46:55) “You don't just have to keep beating your head against the wall just to figure it out.” - Michael Kurkowski

(47:15) “When you start to face some of your vulnerabilities, you become so much stronger.” - Colleen Conlon

(48:10) Training for second attempt

(49:15) The week before second attempt

(49:20) Shout out to Jackie Michaels Vazquez @jackiejvazquez

(50:30) “You can't just give up because you see somebody else is already working to do something bigger.” - Annie Vo @vofactor

(51:05) An out of body experience

(52:05) Shout out to Steve Coach Fury Holiner @iamcoachfury

(52:35) Facing self-doubt

(53:25) Colleen talking to Colleen

(56:35) Where can you find Colleen Conlon? @iamcolleenconlon

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