Evolution Of AloHā
Gerry Ebalaroza-Tunnell
"Evolution Of AloHā" is about sharing stories. Sharing a mix of stories could be the catalyst for social change. Storytelling serves as a tool for making sense of sophisticated situations and exploring better ways to connect." ~Dr. Gerry Ebalaroza-Tunnell Storytelling is the most natural way for us to enter into a relationship with the wisdom and knowledge of others. As in all relationships, agreements must be made and obligations and responsibility for the energies of knowledge. Thus, when a person comes into a relationship with specific knowledge, they are transformed by it and must be responsible for how it is shared. ​In the wise words of Ursula Le Guin, she states, "Words are events, they do things, change things. They transform both speaker and hearer; they feed energy back and forth and amplify it. They feed understanding or emotion back and forth and amplify it." ​As we engage in face-to-face dialogue (in the Hawaiian language; Alo means forward-facing), deeply listening and sharing our stories and our experiences, we exchange knowledge to one another by “talking story” and creating a new understanding of how we engage with others and the world around us. We “breathe” these words to each other (in the Hawaiian language, Hā means breath or breath in life). Together, this is AloHā: The exchange of ideas, the resolution of conflict, the changing of perspectives, and the evolution of our collective being. https://linktr.ee/evolutionofaloha
Evolution Of AloHā
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