What Chinese consumers want
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This is our fourth episode of Season 1 in the Live Lounge podcast series, where we invite business leaders to tackle major topics and trends impacting business in China.

This time our expert panel will discuss what do Chinese consumers want? The panel will advise on the best business and marketing practices to make your brand relevant and interesting to the Chinese consumer. Topics include understanding and monitoring Chinese demand, how Chinese tastes have changed over the last 20 years and how to reach Chinese consumers today through technology.

Host: Matt Mitchener, Marketing Manager, China, St James’s Place Wealth Management

Mark Tanner, Managing Director, China Skinny
Jerry Clode, Head of Digital Insight & Director of SMART Research, Resonance
Jeya Ibrahim-Lecomte, Goose Island Brand Manager, China, ZX Ventures (A division of AB Inbev)
Stone Shi, Founder & CEO, Bon App

Order of play:
How contested is the consumer space in China? (Mark)
02:30 What are the key elements brands must get right when marketing to consumers? (Mark)
05:20 How are brands able to localise from city to city in China? (Mark)
08:20 What’s changed over the last 25 years in China in terms of expenditure and consumer preference? (Jerry)
09:57 How do you see consumer trends in relation to technology? (Jerry)
10:48 What misconceptions do Western brands have about Chinese consumers? (Jerry)
11:42 How are certain market segments trading up and trading down in China? (Jerry)
12:44 What are the main cultural differences in terms of what Chinese consumers want? (Jerry)
13:39 Can you explain the journey of Goose Island in China from when you launched until today? (Jeya)
16:33 What have been the biggest learnings for an American beer brand entering the China market? (Jeya)
17:33 How do you differentiate your marketing strategy for different tier cities? (Jeya)
19:40 What is BonApp and the make up of its user base? (Stone)
20:51 What was your marketing strategy launching in the China market? (Stone)
23:06 Do preferences of users change from Tier 1 to Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities? (Stone)
24:22 In the next few years, what do you think Chinese consumers will want? (Stone)
26:10 What advice would you give incoming brands about technology? (Mark)
27:14 How can brands be China ready in terms of using technology? (Mark)
28:10 What are the major desires when it comes brands and technology? (Jerry)
29:27 How is Goose Island embracing technology in China? (Jeya)
30:40 Concluding thoughts about cultural appropriation referencing Dolce & Gabbana (Mark)

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