7. How to Use Your Positional Power for Good (vs. Evil!)
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How to use your positional power for good!

I have spoken to many CEOs and Senior Leaders whom I support about the notion of positional power. Put simply, positional power is the use of your power (of authority) to get things done. This type of power is something you exert over others. It is the use of your authority. Positional power is a preordained source of power given to a person as a result of their position.

Types of positional power:

1.    Your manager can use their positional power to allocate tasks to you

2.    Your coach could use their positional power to hold you accountable to the actions you committed to in your coaching session

3.    It can also be applied in a forced way (dictatorial rulers use their power to ensure their people do as they say)

3 Ways and Tips to Use Your Positional Power for Good.

Here are some points to consider as you lead your organization’s culture.

1. The higher you are in the hierarchy, the further you may be from the grassroots.

2. Now that you are a conductor of the orchestra, you may well feel lonely at the top. 

3. A result of the abovementioned points is that you get piecemeal information. You may not always have the full picture. I liken this to the story of “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” A classic tale talking of positional power and the fear the Emperor’s people had of speaking the truth to him. People may not feel they can be completely open with you as a result of your position.

With great responsibility comes great power. How are you using your power?

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