Worth the Cost! pt. 1
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Worth the Cost!

Have you ever heard the term superficial?

What does it mean?

Better yet, what does it mean to be superficial?

It refers to something that is skin deep, just below the surface, or shallow.

What does this equate to in everyday life? 

Sadly, many of us go through life and we only experience skin-deep or shallow interactions with people.

We, in the western world, call this small talk.

Unfortunately, so many of us go through life wearing so many different masks, holding people at arms’ length.

We do this for a number of reasons.

Some of these reasons are:

- Perhaps We don’t want people to see our mess!
- Perhaps We don’t have time or don’t want to make time to build and garner deeper relationships.
- Perhaps We have been hurt in the past and our experiences tell us to guard ourselves very closely!
- Perhaps, dare I say, we only want a select crowd or a select group of people to see us, or get to know us more…
- Perhaps we see people as ends to a means, a promotion, a sale, a client, a church member, a volunteer, a cog in the machine of our making…

The list goes on and on…

whatever it is that keeps us from venturing further than simple shallow conversations, one-liners, and small talk,

I want to encourage you big time today with this:

Jesus didn’t do that with us!!!

That is awesome news!!

He didn’t simply sit on His throne, and send us a memo letting us know our worth to Him,

He got in our mess!

He gave up glory to be born as a baby, to become a man, to suffer, to endure temptations, mockery, and ultimately the most excruciating death…

He did that for you and for me!!

And the Bible says He did it for the joy set before Him, that joy again being you and I!

A chance to know us! To go way beyond the shallow and superficial!

To know us intimately and personally!

I love the Lord!

He knows everything about us.

The Bible says He knows the very hairs on our heads! 

You ever feel unworthy?

You ever feel unloved?

You ever feel like just another number?

Be encouraged today! You are God’s favorite! He loves you with everlasting love!!

He didn’t see us as simply valuable, something to invest in, He valued us immensely to pay the highest price possible, Himself!!

valuable is something we say with our words, it’s superficial…

A new purse or nice pair of shoes could be considered valuable based solely on their price tag, but if we never pay the price on that tag, for whatever reason, we can never truly say we value those items…

Someone counted them valuable, because of the high price, but only a select few people truly value those items - the select few that actually pay for them! 

Listen, Value is something we show with our actions!

Jesus didn’t just see us as valuable, even though we had a very expensive price on our heads!

That price tag was so high because of sin! 

It separated us so far from our creator!

And even though we were made in His image and likeness, even though we were so valuable because of that, no one was able or willing to pay the price…

No one actually valued us…

But Jesus did!!!

The King of kings and Lord of lords!

The alpha and omega, the prince of glory Himself, laid down His life for us and showed us what we meant to Him, He showed us our value!! 

I want to end today’s encouragement by reading Psalm 139.

Allow the Word to wash over you today and know for certain that you are worth it!!

and remember until next time, what you make happen for others, God will make happen for you!!

In Christ,

Joshua Scott Zeitz

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