Freely Receive, Freely Give!
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Freely Give, Freely Receive!

God is a multiplier! The devil is a divider!

But don’t get it twisted, they are not on level ground.

God reigns Supreme as Master Creator and the devil is known as the father of lies, he is a perverter and twister of things already made!

God has always been! the devil is a created being.

Without God, the devil would have never existed, and without the devil, God has always been!

God is the great I AM and the devil is the saddest has been.

You see the devil was created perfect, given free will, and put on assignment until iniquity was found in him. After that Jesus said he saw satan cast as lightning from Heaven!

God has always been, without beginning or end - He is alpha and omega, first and last! 

He sees the end from the beginning!

He supersedes time & space!

He created the moon, the stars, and the sun!

He formed man from the dust of the ground and breathed into him, the breath of life!

This notion of good vs. evil, of light vs. dark, is simply not true!

Evil & darkness exist in the absence of good & light, not the other way around!

In other words, the devil is a defeated foe already!

Jesus has conquered death, hell, & the grave! and in Him alone, is eternal life!

Why is it so important for us to know these truths? 

Because when we get a revelation of just good God is, how powerful God is, and how great our God is, we can know for certain that no test, trial, or temptation has the ability to thwart the plan of God in our lives!

The Bible says, what can separate us from the love of God?! 

I want to answer that for you today with a resounding encouragement, NOTHING!

When you get that once and for all, down in your heart, it will empower you to want to draw closer to God, to want to be like Him!

Listen, the enemy to try and derail the plans of God, but he knows he can’t. 

So what’s the next best thing? To try and derail God’s children. If you are a born-again Christian, that is you!

But I have more great news for you today! As long as we stay connected to Jesus, in steady fellowship with Him, the devil can’t touch us! Evil cannot overtake us! 

I want to share with you today one practical way to remain in constant fellowship with Jesus, 

freely receive and freely give!

The Bible puts it like this: He is the vine, and we are the branches.

When we stay connected to Him through daily Bible time, daily seeking Him, we position ourselves to daily receive from Him, and then when we go the next step and daily give away what He has freely given us, it opens our hearts, it broadens our tents to receive more from Him!

This is how the kingdom of God works! He is a multiplier!

As long as we try and keep to ourselves the things He is pouring into us through His word, we will have an invisible barrier over our lives. We will only be able to go so far.

Why is that? 

Because God is a giver, and He wants us to be like Him, to be givers as well!

This is the way He set it up!

He did not create us in His image and likeness to be hoarders, to be spiritually fat.

He created us to be givers, to be spiritually fit!

This starts by first staying connected to Him, the Vine, and then continue giving away what He continually gives!

The devil wants to convince you that this is counter-intuitive, but remember he wants nothing more than to steal, kill, and destroy!

Jesus on the other hand wants to bring you life and it more abundantly!

Be encouraged today! 

What you make happen for others, God will make happen for you! 

Freely you have received, therefore freely give!

In Christ.

Joshua Scott Zeitz

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