Someone on your team is keeping you from your goals! WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? Ep. 21
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Are you surrounded by positive people? Are you surrounded by negative people?  Who you are around does matter, and will effect whether or not you achieve goals, and build the best teams, associations, groups, etc.

🖼Big Picture Series🖼

📕Show Notes:  

💡 0.23-1:29- Intro:  Who is around you and your team?  The best team or group of people you have ever been a part of.

💡1:43-2:48:  The Profile of your team or the people around you.  

💡 3:00-4:09:  Braking down what a team actually is.  A team is basically the people around you who all should be working towards a common purpose or goal.

💡 4:10-How does spending time with certain people effect your goals, 2.  Do they bring a skillset with them that helps you achieve your goals, 3.  Are they actually interested in your goals?  

💡 5:00-14:08:  How are the people you spend time with effecting your goals?  If people are negatively affecting your goals, you can do these three things:  Limit your associations, cut them off completely, or expand your association----Get around the right people.  I share a story about me meeting a family of music artists, film scholars, and Actor, Walt Sloan.  

 💡 14:09-17:09:  Those you associate yourself with should be able to bring some value to the table.  The people you team up and associate with should have skills.  What skills can be, and How to learn skills.  Also, the best book on how to develop the mindset to gain skills.

💡 17:30-20:11:  Are you associates interested in the same goals as you?  This is something that you need to find out.  You need to find this out, because if you are associated with those who are not interested in your purpose, it will be hard to connect with the right people.  How far will you go with people who aren't interested in your goals?  Are you around the right people if they aren't interested in your goals?  

💡 20:12:  The most important thing to consider when teaming up/associating yourself with someone.   

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