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#58: How You Treat Money Is How You Treat Yourself...
May 6, 2020 · 1 hr 3 min
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In today's episode Jenny talks about your relationship to money.  She discusses the different ways you may be "treating" money.  Her and Bryce then answer a listener question. 

"Lately I've had a lot of interest in my relationship with money.  What I would really love to know ifs what a healthy relationship with money would look like from the perspective of abundance and flow?  I notice that I spend money in weird ways and get really caught up in buying things if they are on sale.  My basic question is what are the basics when it comes to the psychology of money?  How do I feel less push and pull when it comes to saving and spending money?  How do I manage my finances more wisely and less impulsively?"

Their conclusions may surprise you...

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Here's to creating the most intimate, loving and powerful relationships!


Bryce and Jenny

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