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#57: Putting Positives Onto Others Can Cause Problems...And How To Talk With A "Friend" You Like More Than A Friend...
Apr 30, 2020 · 25 min
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In today's episode Jenny talks about an Advanced Relationship Concept called projection.  She discusses how we not only project "negative" thoughts, feelings and traits onto others, but also "positive" ones as well. 

Listen in to see how this can actually keep you from the connection you want.  And listen in as Bryce and Jenny discuss a listener's question. 


"After going through a divorce & being single for going on two years now.  I am thinking of dating again (and after going through 3 years of counseling.  Was going before, during and after the divorce).  I have a friend that I adore and would like to date but I don't know how to approach him.  He is also divorced and doesn't have a girlfriend.  Do I drop a hint?  He isn't into games or drama - same as me  Do I tell him I'm interested in dating or more than just friendship?  I'm not sure how to get out of the friend zone.  Also, I live in Florida and he lives in Texas." 

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