#10 - Intuitive Eating Deep Dive: Discover the Satisfaction Factor
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This week, Naomi & Sadie do a deep dive into Intuitive Eating Principle #5 - Discover the Satisfaction Factor. This principle is all about recognizing that food can actually be pleasurable! Our entry point into ditching diets is often the concept that food is fuel, and the earlier principles of Intuitive Eating help us to embrace that entry point and honor our biological needs for food. But this principle is where we start to move past that entry point to see food as so much more than fuel. It’s an emotional, social, cultural, and sensory experience that is deeply human and personal. In this episode we discuss: why this principle is considered to be the “hub” of Intuitive Eating; why distinguishing nutrition and nourishment is an important part of this work; how it can be challenging to tune into satisfaction with eating when we don’t really even know what kinds of foods we like and don’t like anymore due to dieting; how this principle helps us personalize our relationship to food by honoring our social, cultural, and personal preferences; the ways pleasure can be a form of body respect; the ways that oppressive systems benefit from disconnecting us from pleasure; and how we can cultivate autonomy by using pleasure as a guide to letting go of rules that don’t serve us. Plus, why we love the idea of viewing food as satisfying and pleasurable so much that we decided to name our podcast after this Intuitive Eating principle!

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This episode references:
adrienne maree brown
Pleasure Activism

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