#8 - Intuitive Eating Deep Dive: Make Peace With Food
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This week, Naomi & Sadie do a deep dive into Intuitive Eating Principle #3 - Make Peace With Food. This principle can be summed up as giving ourselves unconditional permission to eat all foods. And if just reading that made you feel super uncomfortable, then this episode is definitely for you! This episode covers: why restriction & rules eventually leads to rebellion; why feeling out of control around food usually means we need more permission, not less; the difference (and similarities) between biological & mental restriction; common food fears & how to address them; and how ethical objections & food allergies/intolerances fit into the idea of unconditional permission. And, since this concept can feel so hard to grasp, this episode is chock full of personal stories & experiences, to help put these high-level concepts into perspective. Plus, Naomi shares a story from her teenage years that might get her grounded!

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This episode references:
Food Psych #175: The Truth About Digestion and Gut Health With Marci Evans
Marci Evans, RD

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