#9: Solo Episode | A new year’s special - what I didn’t share with you last year
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Welcome to another solo episode of Inside Contemporary Dance! In these mini-episodes, I’ll be sharing some stories, tips, hacks, strategies, and lessons I have collected over the course of my professional career. Hopefully, some of these can give you an edge in your own dance journey.  In today’s new year’s special episode, I want to bring a different topic to the table, one that has been neglected and shoved aside for a long time in our dance community, which is- our health. For the first time on this podcast, I am also sharing some personal challenges I experienced with my health. As we stand on the brink of a new year, my wish is for our dance community to be more forgiving and kind when it comes to our health. but this change has to start in each and every one of us. First, we have to learn how to be more forgiving towards ourselves, and through that, find more compassion for each other’s struggles as well.
Please enjoy!

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My many thanks go to:
Naomi Gibson - Texts editor, general consultor & dear friend
Marco Dray - Original music
Dagmara Śliwińska - Podcast cover photo
Moritz Wright - Podcast cover photo design
Thomas Bewernick -  Sound, recording, & being there every step of the way
My dear family - Because I love you
Last but not least - YOU. My dear listeners. You are the life and spirit behind the podcast. THANK YOU!

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