The Water Data Podcast
Dalberg & ATREE
The world is facing an unprecedented water crisis affecting billions. It poses severe risks to global food security, health, and even the economy. Addressing this crisis will require careful data-driven decision making for both large and small water questions. While there have been significant advancements in water data, many challenges still remain and crucial conversations are essential to make progress. The Water Data Podcast is a series that explores data-based decision making in water management, covering both challenges and solutions. Each episode delves into a specific aspect of water data for water management. The series discusses a global perspective while being rooted in India's water issues. Your hosts Veena Srinivasan and Nirat Bhatnagar talk to decision makers from grassroot organisations, companies, philanthropies and start-ups. They share their experiences with water data across agriculture, innovation, water disasters, public health and more. This Water Data Podcast series is jointly produced by Dalberg Advisors and Centre for Social and Environmental Innovation at the Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment.
The Water Data Podcast
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