The Mold Medic
The Mold Medic
Nov 10, 2021
Mold Talks #11 - Interview with Tessa Bowers, Certified Functional Nutritional Counselor
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Today’s Mold Talk’s guest is Tessa Bowers, CEO of Nourishing Functional Health and a Certified Functional Nutritional Counselor. Tessa dealt with chronic illness for the better part of her life but believes her mold journey started when she moved into her brand new home in 2016 and has continued ever since. When her painful symptoms reached a new peak in 2020, including muscle cramps, chronic fatigue, and even MRSA, she knew something had to be done. 

She luckily had a friend that led her in the direction of the root cause of her issues and has been on the road to healing ever since. It’s been a journey filled with road bumps, but now that Tessa knows what the culprit is, she’s been able to weather the mold exposure storm. Now she uses her experience to help clients look at the entire picture to determine how they can live healthier, happier lives.

Today’s Talk: 

In this episode of Mold Talks, Michael Rubino chats with Tessa Bowers about her struggle with chronic illness and mold exposure. Over the years, Tessa struggled with chronic illness, but it came to a painful head around 2018. Before discovering the root source causing her symptoms to flare up, she, like a lot of other people suffering from mold exposure, went from doctor to doctor. As a healthy and active professional, mother, and wife, Tessa also had no idea why her health was failing. Luckily, she had a functional medicine doctor as a friend. After a visit with this practitioner, she finally found the answer to her symptoms: mold exposure. 

Her journey to healing remains ongoing, but Tessa is just glad to finally have the answers. Since her diagnosis, Tessa elaborates on her experience with a failed remediation and is now waiting for a second company to come in and remove the contamination from her home. Luckily, since she knows what’s causing her body to go haywire, she’s actively working on mitigating her symptoms until her house is healthy and free from mold growth. 

Choosing to look on the bright side, Tessa is using her experience to help her clients as they struggle through their own illnesses. Even mold exposure. She recommends anyone going through similar challenges to get out of the house if they can and to take a bite-sized approach to detoxing. Do the research first, and then tackle one aspect of healing at a time.

Learn More About Tessa At:

Instagram: @nourishingfunctionalhealth

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