Telling Your Brand Story, The Right Way - Lauren Gonzales - Amazon Legends - Episode #229
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The guest on today’s episode is Lauren Gonzales. She is an award-winning designer and creative director. She has worked in the creative industries for over 13 years with a background in illustration, design, and animation. After working in-house as a Creative Director for 6 years, Lauren set out on her own, building a design business from scratch with a strong focus on brand identity and package design for Amazon sellers. Her studio has since had the opportunity to work with hundreds of e-commerce clients, including Disney, helping increase conversions by creating brand recognition and customer loyalty. In today’s episode, she discusses telling your brand story, the right way.


  • A brand story is crucial to a brand's communication, why it started, its goals, its purpose, and how it all intertwines to solve the customer's problems.
  • Define your primary and secondary audiences: It is important to define who your primary and secondary audiences are. For example, if you are selling toys for kids, your primary audience would be parents, and your secondary audience could be grandparents or schools.
  • Your audience definition should inform your marketing strategies, such as where and how you advertise your product.
  • Diversity is important in advertising, but it should not be overdone. The appeal should be diverse, but not limited to one segment of society.
  • The best way to utilize Premium A-plus is to represent your story in the modules. Have one main communication for each module and do not pack everything in the world into every single module.
  • Comparison charts are important, and sellers need to define their values to stand out in the comparison charts when competing with cheaper products.
Quote of the Show:The points not to repeat in A+ are the photos themselves but you can repeat things that are important to your audience. The best way to find them is to look at your competitors’ reviews. Look at the bad reviews and look at the good reviews and see what people say they like or do not like. They will tell you the pain points and emphasize how you solve them. 

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