Behind the scenes with Ann Jensen
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Behind The Scenes with Ann Jensen

In this Episode Ann tells you about writing the Dark Sons MC Series.

Series: favorite book and why? Favorite characters and why?

Lost in the dark – one scene makes me cry every time. Tami caught in the dark favorite character to write, loved inhabiting aspects of Cami that I really enjoyed. Dragon and his dirty talk because I like dirty talk. Tell us more about Dragon – big brother vibe, his love interest, Tari in book 2. Yoga scenes and the reality of what you can write, vs what you can actually do.

MC live in a world that is dark, but the men that create darks sons are special forces guy that missed the sense of purpose higher calling, brotherhood they shared in the military. They strive to create a community and world. Home, and family. Key element in my books is found family.

Was there a book in the series you found difficult to write?

Book 4 – the first time my characters tried to veer off course. Undercover in the Dark

Character, takeovers, happen for me, in the outline stages and I spend three weeks percolating and allowing it to settle. Before I decide to move forward with my final decisions on the plot and character development.

Most fun to Write: Caught in the dark, favorite to write.

Soon to release - Leap into the dark book 5 coming out next. Steamy sex scenes. Idea with this novel was to blow open stereo types.

Did you have an external inspiration for the series like another writer or series you have read?

Why MC? I had written urban fantasy with shifters and couldn’t find a home for it. I wanted to write a spicy romance with villains instead of internal angst. I spent some time in a MC bar and learned a little of their culture. I wanted to create the ultimate MC fantasy.

Are any of the characters based on real people? 

I like to study people and makeup backstories about people I observe. I take these elements and place them into a made-up person.

What is your process for picking and developing a storyline?

For the Dark sons, I first outlined Hawks love story, the president of the club. I built his club around him. Characters, officers and a few others beneath it. Once I had the cast of characters. I wanted the women to have trouble but not be a bunch of victims. One kind of women would thrive inside the dark son’s environment. Then I created my female cast and then I placed them together. Every man was assigned a kink and that played into which woman would go for that? Which helped with matchmaking. 


Two series that are slowly percolating. Mercenary and Alien. I’m also still working on my Urban Fantasy

What would you love to write?

A mystery if I had the skill set to write it.

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