Restriction of lead in outdoor shooting: Nina Mikander, UN Agreement on the Conservation of African-Eurasian Migratory Water Birds (AEWA)
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Lead has been used in ammunition for hunting and sports shooting and in fishing tackle for centuries. It is estimated that each year around 100 000 tonnes of lead is dispersed into the EU environment from these uses. The European Chemicals Agency has looked into the possible risks from these uses to wildlife, livestock, the environment, and human health. It concluded that there are risks that are not adequately controlled and need to be addressed at the EU level.

We interviewed representatives from different organisations during an event organised by ECHA where stakeholders shared their views on a potential restriction on the use of lead in ammunition for hunting and sports shooting.

We met with Nina Mikander from the UN environment program's AEWA secretariat.

AEWA is short for the agreement on the conservation of African Eurasian migratory water birds. It is an intergovernmental treaty dedicated to the conservation of migratory water birds and their habitats across Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, Greenland and the Canadian archipelago. The European Union has become a contracting party to AEWA as of 1 January 2021. 

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Disclaimer: Views expressed by interviewees do not necessarily represent the official position of the European Chemicals Agency. All content is up to date at the time of publication.

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