How Good Suggestions Accidentally Made This Non-Profit Director Toxic | Brooklin Nash, Nash Content Consulting
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Today's guest is content marketer Brooklin Nash, whose early career in a Guatemalan non-profit led him to a "fight or flight" situation with a stubborn, insecure director who gaslit him.

  • Brooklin's mistake was the bad presentation of good ideas, compounded by youthful inexperience and the director's own insecurities. Basically, he didn't know when to quit! He pushed his organization for changes they were never going to implement, while simultaneously ignoring the writing on the wall that they were never going to promote him into leadership.

  • In similar situations now, Brooklin now practices upfront, transparent conversations with his employer and managers -- and believes working for a company that never invests in your own personal development is a red flag for toxic management. In a professional "fight or flight" situation, don't stay and fight for the organization that doesn't fight for you; instead, fly somewhere that will appreciate your pushback and support your growth. Otherwise, you risk being "dead right" and suffering complete burnout.

  • Today, Brooklin is an expert content marketer specializing in B2B SaaS platforms. He's worked with the likes of Outreach, Mixpanel, G2, Drift, and Marketing Profs. You can connect with Brooklin on LinkedIn at
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