How His Mistake Chained Him to the Wrong Job for Three Wasted Years | Robert Rose, The Content Advisory
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Content marketing champion and Fortune 100 consultant Robert Rose reveals how his private insecurities kept him chained to the wrong job for 3 years.

  • Robert's big mistake was waiting so long to leave his corporate gig -- but more than that, it was believing that inner voice that said he'd always be a failure because he "couldn't finish what he started." That insecurity -- rooted in his own failure to finish college -- only dislodged after his mentors reframed the question from "What if?" to "Why not?"
  • To compensate for that lingering insecurity despite his recent successes, Robert proactively seeks out new information by "putting on his student hat" to seek out new opportunities outside of his area of expertise. Ultimately, this process improves his limited-scope professional projects and makes him happy. And, it's that happiness that drives his success -- not a self-defeating adoption of someone else's expectations for his career.
  • Today, Robert Rose is a consultant, keynote speaker, author, podcast host, and creator of The Content Advisory, founded in 2010. (The date should sound suspiciously familiar to you!) Personally, I would highly recommend picking up a copy of his "Killing Marketing" book for a truly revolutionary look at what marketing could be if internal leaders are brave enough. You can learn more about Robert at, or register for his Content Marketing World keynote, scheduled for Wednesday, September 29th at 8:30 AM. (Sorry to my future listeners who missed it -- I'm sure there will be more opportunities!)

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