How His Mistake Lost an Impossible, Quota-Doubling Commission | Rob Finn, TraceLink
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Global sales manager Rob Finn introduces us to his younger self: A first-time closer with a chip on his shoulder so big, he lost a quota-doubling account.

  • Rob's biggest mistake was letting his personal ambitions and thirst to prove himself blind him to the red flags plastered against a prospective deal that would never materialize. In what must be a mark of his personal character, Rob's biggest regret of the whole episode was dragging his teammates into the meetings -- accidentally wasting their time, too, even if they never expressed resentment. 
  • To avoid repeating the same mistake, Rob advises others in similar "too good to be true" situations to get excited about the potential win, but also press for practical details on moving forward if you sense hesitation or are skeptical of a prospect's promises. Try confronting them directly with a polite, plainly worded question to see if this prospect can take the proposal to the finish line and put money in the bank today. 
  • Today, Rob Finn is the global sales manager of an international team supporting Link, a digital platform for lifescience supply chains. You can find him on LinkedIn by going to, or by visiting his website at 

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