Episode 40 Trust & Honesty Pillar
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This week Matthew and Kim take a deep dive into the 4th pillar of Trust and Honesty. 

Trust and honesty is built over time. Kim shares her definition of trust saying, “it really means that I feel safe with you. I feel confident that you’re not going to violate me. I’m really comfortable and know that I’m in a good space with you.”

Knowing you can rely and have faith in your partner to tell the truth creates a safe space in your relationship. That warm and loving bond of trust leads to increased emotional connection and enhanced sexual desire. 

But studies show that partners lie to each other. Lies open the door to problems and temptations. A single discovered lie can lead a partner to question and doubt everything about the relationship. 

Think about trust as being a bank account that increases with every example of being honest and truthful with your partner. Those examples of trustworthiness are like bank deposits. When you lie to your partner, or hurt or betray them, you are making withdrawals. 

When you know that you can both trust one another, no obstacle is too big and nothing will ever be strong enough to destroy your relationship. Tune in to learn how you can build trust in your relationship and discover the one thing you can do to increase your connection.

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