Episode 20 w/Jason & Therese Benedict
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In today’s episode, Matthew and Kim speak to Jason and Therese Benedict, two successful business owners with a unique story. Jason and Therese are co-founders of The Automation Agency. Therese is also an author with an Amazon best-selling novel titled ‘Days Go By, Not Love’. Despite having both faced extraordinarily difficult childhoods, their deep love for each other and great understanding broke the cycle of abuse and neglect. Their marriage has withstood its challenges, but their bond has proven to be unbreakable. Their testimonies are powerful and inspiring.

Key Topics: 

Overcoming childhood hardships 

Breaking the cycle of abuse and unloving parents

Rules and boundaries 



“One of the things that Terese and I have always done is we’ve embraced each other’s love and we’ve embraced the hardships we’ve embraced the beautiful triumphs but we do it hand in hand.” - Jason

“Your childhood does form you and I wouldn’t change anything that I’ve been through I think the challenges and the hardships that I went through helped me to become a stronger person today, it helped me become a better husband, a better lover, it helped me to recognize the lack of love and what that can do to a person.” - Jason

“My mom was not loved... So she didn’t know how to give the love to love us...so when I had children I wanted to make sure I broke that link.”- Therese  

“To commit is to never ever take for granted the relationship that we have and the love that is being given. Our love, we are putting in each other’s hands and we’re asking those hands to make sure that love is safe and taken care of.” - Therese 

“I believe in no matter what situation you’re in or what degree of frustration you are in, be good at biting your lip because it’s not worth hurting the person you love because of that moment” Therese 

“A thought is priceless… when I know Jason is going to be having a really difficult day I’ll say ‘okay do you need anything’ and then we come up with a plan... ‘If you need anything, text me’ even though our offices are side by side.”- Therese  

“When you have a servant’s heart and you put everybody else’s needs in front of your needs and your wants, it’s the greatest gift you can give to people in your life.” -Jason 

“I was in abusive situations… but it showed me that it was worth waiting for the right person and I was worth loving” - Therese  

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