Episode 17 w/Vinnie & Trish Biondoletti
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In this week’s episode, Matthew and Kim interview long-time friends Trish and Vinnie Biondoletti. Vinnie runs a successful fishing charter company in the Florida Keys, while Trish works as a high school educator. These high school sweethearts began dating when they were just thirteen and fourteen years old, and not much has changed since.  Through childhood adversity, demanding careers, and raising three children, Vinnie and Trish continue to prove their spark is alive as ever. 

Key topics 

  • Rising from childhood adversity 
  • Creating time for your partner while tending to daily responsibilities 
  • Giving your partner what they need and avoiding landmines 
  • The importance of intimacy 


“Love in my house, it wasn’t really there, it was more of a hostile environment. It’s hard to talk about but I feel like I’m lucky because without those things I wouldn’t be the person I am.” -Trish 

“I don’t care if you’re 13 or 14 or 37 it doesn’t matter when you find that person that takes your heart, you’re committed, and I think we found it early.” -Vinnie 

“Whether it was the pick-up line for your kid or a walk around the neighborhood at night or on the boat… whether you’re pulling a trap up, lobster or a crab trap. Doing what you had to do but making sure you had that time to connect. -Matthew 

“Why step on a landmine if you know its a landmine, that’s insanity, I know I’m going to get hurt and I’m going to do it anyways” -Matthew 

“The greatest predictors of divorce or a relationship falling apart is when spouses can not accept influence from each other or are not willing to” -Matthew

“You have to have love and if you have love everything else kinda falls into place. If I had to go back to that pre-marriage self I’d say make sure you have love it really is the most important thing If you love somebody wholeheartedly everything else will work itself out,” -Trish 

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