Episode 13 w/Mayor Frank and Teresa Hibbard
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This week Matthew and Kim interview Frank and Teresa Hibbard on the trials and tribulation of their 25 years of marriage and what they have learned along the way to become the kickass couple they are today. 

Frank Hibbard serves as the Mayor of Clearwater, Florida, while his wife Teresa works as the Development Director for the Salvation Army. 

Join us on this episode to find out how this dynamic power couple has built a relationship that not only stands the test of time but allows them to thrive in their personal and professional lives. 

Key topics 

  • How our families of origins play a role in our future relationships
  • The importance of commitment 
  • Getting outside help with your partner 
  • How to communicate during the tough times 
  • Defusing conflict 
  • How the success of our relationships spills into our professional success 


“On any given day were either kickass couples or we want to kick each other's asses” -Teresa 

“Teresa is very busy with her job, I basically have 2 full-time jobs... and there is a lot of push and pull on the relationship, so we have to sometimes schedule that time together just like its an appointment” -Frank 

“We have gone for outside help and I think that was important that we recognized the fact that we may not have all the tools in the toolbox to solve some of our communication issues… and that is something I encourage people to do, to understand we all have strengths and weaknesses” -Frank 

“I used to think somebody getting help, seeing a counselor was a sign of weakness… Now I think it's a sign of maturity and wisdom that were looking at others to strengthen our circle” - Matthew 

“Something special in our marriage is… every day Frank will call me at some point… And it's just like, hey, how's your day going, I was thinking about you… I really look forward to that” -Teresa 

“As I have gotten older it's occurred to me that you know we all have bad days, and it's okay to have a bad day and to give yourself permission and to give the person that you love permission to have a bad day and that it's not about you, I think really subdues what could be potential conflict” -Teresa 

“One of the things I've got to think about is am I treating the people I'm with on a daily basis better than my own family, and so you have some pent up things then you get home and then they get the worst of you which really isn't fair.” -Frank 

“If you want to be successful you've got to commit time and we all value time probably more than any commodity in our lives. And so our relationship is strong enough that Teresa has been willing to sacrifice time together so that I can be successful in hopefully transforming our community in a positive way.” -Frank 

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