#56 Happiness Through Being Yourself vs. Being Popular | A Music Junkies Podcast with Izzy
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Isaiah is his real name.  I call him Izzy.   After IZZY Stradlin?  :)  He says he doesn't even know how to describe his playlist.  It was a compilation of the time between 14 and 18.  SCREAM METAL was something he was interested in it.  He said during the screaming you ask "what the hell is this" then when they sing they do it well.  He started listening after hearing his first one while gaming.  WICKED GAMES is what Izzy plays on THE WEEKEND.  Most people don't understand what some artists are singing.  They just sing along.  INITIATION of breaking them down, you learn the interesting story, and you may now want to sing it in front of a boss.

Surprise answer to the question Isaiah was asked: would he choose to be 200 lbs extra, or lose his dick!  What do you think he will say?  YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO FIND OUT!

Isaiah wants to DIE A HAPPY MAN with the woman he is now engaged to.  He doesn't so much like the song, however, he loves his fiancée.

Gym buff, Tony Robbins fan - Isaiah was a "bullied" kid that said he was going to become a cool kid in high school and he succeeded.  Robbins inspired him to read more and a lot.

You won't see him at THE METRO STATION slaughtering people, but he did listen to this band with his friends while playing Warcraft with his friends!

INTERESTING conversation about death and dying.  Isaiah has a very candid view of this.

MY NAME IS Isaiah and out of all the Eminem songs he loves, this is his least favorite.  He has had the most impact on Izzy, and apparently, that is because I introduced him to his music!!  With that SONG HE LIKES THE LEAST!!  At least he didn't sing to me CLEANIN' OUT MY  CLOSET! :)  Isaiah is not a NYMPHO.  He sure knows about him though and loves his music.  And I always say WELCOME HOME - however, please don't play the guitar when you visit!

Isaiah wants to send out the message that -  know that decision is a consequence and you have to live with it.  If it means having a child, or whatever, however particularly having children.  Take responsibility.  You are just as much involved by your CHOICE... and step up to the plate. 

Asked for Words of Wisdom, Isaiah says he is more in the learning stage.  However reading the sentences above, I think he's got more than he believes he does.

More about his pet peeves, his life as a bachelor, and his music choices!

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