#57 People Are Assholes | A Music Junkies Podcast with Rachel Lavery-McLean
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Rachel, please!  NOT RACHELLE!  Both names are beautiful, however, this guest owns RACHEL as hers!  From apple crisp being a bitch to make, particularly vegan apple crisp, to playlist and music, to how Rachel overcame sexual abuse, this podcast is full of GREAT STUFF.  No rap, just rock for Rachel.  ARE YOU GOING TO GO MY WAY?  If not, there's the highway.  Rachel learned to be strong after years of being bullied.  F*^%#ck that!  Fight back, be feisty and let them know they won't push you around.  When you are in love, you do WHAT IT TAKES to let go.  Rachel speaks about her first love, first time, and as mothers, we all pray our daughters don't have a worst first.  GOOD ENOUGH?  Many of us wonder if we are.  For Rachel, it was between 14 and 18.   Scarier yet is when we are depressed we listen to depressing songs.  What is that??  Music can counter depression with the right choices, rather than push you deeper down.  Choose wisely! 

If you haven't dirty danced to this POUR SOME SUGAR ON ME you haven't lived!!  SHOOT!  NO SURPRISE that Rachel can rap the sh*$#t out of that song.  NOTHING ELSE MATTERS than sticking to your genre and finding the one you love and making this your song.  And hating me, yet being like me?  LOL.  And I am pretty sure she would have preferred to be feeling like I AM THE HIGHWAY than sitting in a book reading.

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