Co-Parent Dilemmas
Diane Dierks & Rick Voyles
There are at least two sides to every conflict, and when it's between divorced or separated parents, sparks can fly. In each episode, co-parenting experts Diane Dierks and Rick Voyles answer listener questions and talk about the benefits and risks of letting go vs. holding on to the conflict in a variety of complex topics facing co-parents today. Do you hold on for the sake of the children or let go for the same reason? Episodes are released every Sunday at noon. Listeners can email and pose a question/dilemma that may be answered on an upcoming episode. What do you do when the other parent won't be flexible with the parenting schedule? How do you respond to a co-parent who is constantly blowing up your phone with texts? Is it really important to talk to your children when they are at the other parent's house? And what about the parent who won't share important information with you about the children? Do you give in to the other parent's antics or should you hold your ground? Get answers to these questions and more on Co-Parent Dilemmas, wherever you get your podcasts.
Co-Parent Dilemmas
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