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MindHack Podcast
Oct 11, 2023
From Clock Time to Mind Time: A Conversation with David Kadavy | Ep. 053
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Welcome to another enlightening episode of the MindHack Podcast! Today, we're thrilled to feature David Kadavy, a trailblazing author and designer who's challenging the way we think about creativity and productivity. David takes us on a transformative journey, sharing why he sold all his belongings and moved to Colombia to explore a groundbreaking concept: "Mind Management, Not Time Management."

In this episode, David delves deep into the neuroscience of creativity, explaining those all-too-familiar moments when we feel creatively blocked and how to break free. He introduces us to the concept of "event time," a way of thinking about time that's prevalent in Colombia and argues that it's more natural and conducive to creativity than our conventional "clock time."

David doesn't just share theories; he offers actionable advice, routines, and rituals that have not only worked for him but can also help you manage your mind for better productivity. This episode is a treasure trove of insights that could revolutionize your work life.

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