The Data Rich Show
The Data Rich Show
Jun 29, 2021
Ep 8: SEO for Small Businesses with John Vuo
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Last year, when the world of e-commerce experienced an unprecedented boom, SEO became more important than ever. For small and medium-sized companies, getting noticed online is not easy, and today’s guest, John Vuong, is passionate about helping these businesses shine and thrive. John is at the helm of Local SEO Search, a full-service SEO company that has done the work to understand what it takes to help small enterprises succeed in today’s business environment. In this episode, John talks about making the transition from traditional sales to SEO despite not having the technical knowledge. He brought his passion for people, work, and small businesses and learned as he went. The result has been his very successful company. We talk about the value of clarifying your vision and connecting with your customers and the patience that these processes require. In the age of hustle and comparison, it is easy as a business owner to feel like you are falling behind, but as John highlights, life, like business, requires equal parts patience and dedication. We also touch on John's learning journey, what SEO data business owners should focus on, and some salient advice for entrepreneurs about enjoying the journey. If you are a small to medium-sized business owner and curious about how SEO could help you, this episode is perfect for you!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Get to know John, his background, and insights into his company; Local SEO Search. 
  • Unique lessons John learned during his time in traditional advertising sales. 
  • The importance of entrepreneurs learning sales techniques. 
  • John’s passion for small businesses and what he wanted to help these owners to do. 
  • What John learned early on about hiring the right people; it’s okay to make mistakes. 
  • The importance of finding people you look up to. 
  • Being vulnerable and sharing yourself helps people relate to you and makes you more authentic. 
  • How John managed to spend so much time building his business. 
  • How John handled so many accounts at once during the early stages of his business. 
  • SEO versus PPC: John’s insights and the cases in which each is suitable. 
  • The types of companies John believes should be doing SEO. 
  • What John believes companies should know about SEO. 
  • The SEO data that matters for business owners; it’s not all equally important. 
  • How to reach out to John online.
  • John’s advice for entrepreneurs; think about what, other than your business, is important to you.

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