The Data Rich Show
The Data Rich Show
Jun 18, 2021
Ep 1: Leveraging Data for Huge Improvement with Jason Kryski
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The abundance of data that is now available to all kinds of business owners is more accessible than ever, and using the metrics related to your company can make all the difference in your results. Joining us on the show to discuss how his companies help their clients maximize their potential through leveraging data, is Jason Kryski. Jason is the brains behind Strawhouse and Uncoil and in our conversation, we get to hear all about the beginnings of these companies, their relationship, and what they offer their clients. Jason talks about healthy behavioral change through the use of data and the part that data plays in his personal life too! We get into the steps involved in leveraging data and the specific classes of data that Jason finds most useful.  We also explore the importance of building a habit around data collection and implementation. Jason makes a strong argument for the “indispensability of data” for all types of companies and owners, going into why data is not only for those with an attraction to numbers. Listeners can expect to come away with some useful insight into the services that Strawhouse and Uncoil provide, as well as a better idea of how data can serve all of us. Tune in to get it all!


Key Points From This Episode:

  • A look at the last twelve years in Jason's life; aiding growth, starting a company, and more!
  • Examples of the work that Strawhouse did with ButcherBox. 
  • Unpacking the danger of a 'cashflow hole' and ways to avoid this during growth. 
  • The powerful role that data plays for Jason and his companies.  
  • Jason's thoughts on overcoming an aversion to numbers and bringing data into a business. 
  • The use of data in Jason's personal life; tracking exercise and behavior pattern metrics.
  • Reflecting on collected data and the vital second part of the process.
  • Jason's focus on derivative data and its use in building helpful models.
  • An overview of Jason's other company, Uncoil, and its birth. 
  • The ideal customer for Uncoil's service and the platforms they focus on. 
  • Where to find Uncoil online and learn more about what they provide!  
  • Jason's recommendations for the three most important KPIs for e-commerce. 
  • Getting ahead by making the most of the current surge in data technology. 
  • Using the data to make thoughtful, human decisions!
  • Building a habit for leveraging data and getting comfortable moving forward.


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