Bridge of Two
Bridge of Two
Oct 6, 2021
Bridge of Theories 5: Brandon's Dirty Tricks
Play • 33 min

We're back with another Bridge of Theories episode for your waiting ears! The theory we are discussing on this episode comes from the Epilogue of Rhythm of War, the most recent book by Brandon Sanderson in the Stormlight Archive. 

**Spoiler Warning for the epilogue of Rhythm of War below! **

Our witty hero, Hoid encounters his enemy Odium, who bears the aspect of divine Hatred. The encounter quickly takes Hoid off guard leaving him missing some of his power and memories. Or does it? Did Hoid once again outsmart us all including the hateful Odium? Did he, like the trick he explained to his spren earlier, pull a sleight of hand on us all?

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