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What Should We Focus on in the Wake of Covid 19 - With First Nations Healer Arrole Lawrence
Apr 17, 2020 · 1 hr
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Too many people are focused on who is to blame or the story behind the whole Covid 19 Pandemic.  The problem is we are giving away our power to fear and uncertainty instead of going within to heal those wounds to give way to a new reality.  We are co creators in this journey and this narrative is one you can control and shouldn't be looking to media and other forms of programming to help you out of or understand.  First Nations healer Arrole Lawrence and I delve deep into understanding what humanity should take away from this pandemic and how you can change the future so quarantine is lifted and you can leave your house again.  This is a very powerful episode you won't want to miss!!

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You are in control!! Stop giving away your power!!

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