New Humanists
New Humanists
May 1, 2023
Education that Makes Aquinas Look Modern, feat. John Peterson | Episode XLVI
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In his wise and humane Didascalicon, the teacher, canon regular, and mystical theologian Hugh of St. Victor lays out his advice and instructions for teachers and students engaged in liberal study. The heir of centuries of thought in Christendom on the liberal arts, Hugh and his contemporaries were on the precipice of a revolution--the western rediscovery of Aristotle and the subsequent revolution of theology and philosophy, championed above all by Thomas Aquinas. University of Dallas professor John Peterson joins Jonathan and Ryan to discuss the Didascalicon and its role in liberal education.

Classical Education Graduate Program at the University of Dallas:

Richard M. Gamble’s The Great Tradition:

Hugh of St. Victor's Didascalicon (Latin):,_Hugo_De_S_Victore,_Didascalicon,_LT.pdf

Hugh of St. Victor's Didascalicon (English):

Bruce A. Kimball's The Liberal Arts Tradition:

Ryan N.S. Topping's Renewing the Mind:

W.H. Cowley's The Seven Liberal Arts Hoax:

New Humanists episode on Giambattista Vico:

Doug Lemov's Teach Like a Champion 3.0:

John Peterson's Review of Teach Like a Champion 3.0:

Plato's Republic:

Augustine's Confessions:

Livy's Ab Urbe Condita:

Machiavelli's Discourses on Livy:

Jacob Klein's The Idea of Liberal Education:

Martianus Capella's The Marriage of Philology and Mercury:

New Humanists is brought to you by the Ancient Language Institute:

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Music: Save Us Now by Shane Ivers -

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