2.2 Finding Your Calm with Brandon Croucher
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Harry sits down with mental health advocate & CEO of Delight Cafe CBD, Brandon Croucher, to discuss his struggles with anxiety, how his experiences fueled his passion to help others find balance, and how he stays living in his truth. From cannabinoids and PTSD, to finding your spark, this episode is nothing but raw and inspiring.

Find Delight Cafe here: http://www.delightcafe.com


Highlights from the episode: 

4:58 - Finding your spark 

 “And how do I change that in my mindset, it's by being able to see that my spark really was different. And my fire is going to burn and it's going to make it my goal to set the world on fire.”

 6:07 - Why we need new leadership & representation

 “People are tired of the leadership that's out there. We need new leadership, we need new representation. And we need people that know who they are, not filling their pocketbooks, but filling up the people.”

 7:35 - Stumbling forward

 “Your shame, that you carry, that we all carry… is not a representation of who you are, it represents who you are not, that is a false image of who you are. It's just that whatever you stare at becomes a reality. And so when you stare at your shame for so long, you confuse it with you because the mind attaches your identity to whatever you stare at long enough assuming that you know what is healthiest for you...”

 10:02 - Brandon’s mission

 "I want to create a positive impact in the world with my new CBD company to help those [with] depression, anxiety, and bipolarism."

 10:21 - Brandon’s struggle with anxiety growing up and where he got his spark

 “I'm not your typical kid. And so when my mom went and started getting me into schools and stuff at third grade, I'm the kid that couldn't sit still. And they hated me…  I can't sit still in a classroom. I can't sit there and have a teacher talk down to me, not with me, because I have to understand what we're talking about. And if I don't understand, I'll ask a question.”

 14:03 - Why CDB products? Why Delight Cafe? What makes their products different from everything else on the market right now?

 16:43 - How does CBD help bring out the “delight” in us? How does it help us find ourselves?

 “Right now we are in a war, we are at spiritual war. We are at mental war, we’re at emotional war, where we are letting our emotions overtake what is going on because of what the TV the news, no matter what channel you watch is telling you. We're waking up and picking up our phone first thing and comparing ourselves to everybody else by going on social media without realizing it, which is screwing up who we are mentally, we are not finding ourselves.”

 19:05 - Why is it our default to connect through negativity? 

 22:49 - What is the difference between CBD and cannabis?

 25:39 - Cannabinoids: What is CBN and how does it help with sleep?

 29:13 - CBG & PTSD

 “CBG is literally being shown left and right to help with PTSD and calming people and bringing them back to themselves faster than any other medicine out there. CBN is being shown to help people fall asleep.”

 34:26 - What inspired Delight Cafe?

36:02 - How Brandon remains Living in Truth

“And the thing was, while anger, anxiety, they provide energy for us in different ways... I didn't want to keep pushing myself into that one, because anger is just like running into a wall. Why am I going to keep running into a wall and pushing myself into a direction that I don't feel good from afterwards... So how do I switch this, I started rebalancing my life by starting by calming myself, I didn't let anybody around me get me mad. I didn't let anybody around me influence me.”

39:07 - Authenticity & universal truths

43:23 - Why we need to look at our “shadow”

46:57 The power of knowing ourselves

“The faith that I'm talking about is faith in yourself. We don't have any faith in ourselves, we doubt ourselves and ... We need people to display the perfection that we seek, but believe we will never have and it's true. You never will be perfect, but you are perfect imperfection. The goal is not to be perfect. The goal here is to discover who you are. That's your truth.”

49:34 Boundaries vs. governance

52:40 Brandon’s goals & vision

“I want to go to that next level where we evolve, we grow, we keep getting better, seeing the future together, we're not seeing the future is us versus them.”

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