LIMITED SERIES: Brother to Brother Part II
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Brother to Brother Part II

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LIMITED SERIES: Brother to Brother


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Harry Turner & Jermal Watson


Harry Turner  00:09

But if we don't break the cycle, if we don't make the sacrifices, then that burden will be inherited by our children and their children and their children's children, their children's, children's, children and so on. Somebody has to have the courage to sacrifice what is necessary to break the generational curse, even though we know the curse wasn't put there by us . . . .

Jermal Watson 04:25

No matter how you look at it for me, I play music a lot. The sacrifice for me is not going outside sometimes, because I'm inside practicing. I'm not saying, "Oh man, I can't do this," because I'm trying to listen and learn something new.

A sacrifice doesn't always have to be a death sentence. It doesn't mean that you don't know you're starving. . . .even though you know life is considered to be short, you have to play the long game, no matter where you are at. . . .

Harry Turner  06:18

The main thing I sacrifice are my fears, F. E. A. R. (false evidence appearing real). My fears are the main thing that I have to sacrifice. Because everything in my logical mind says that I can't do it. Everything in my logical mind says that I can't do it.

I walk by faith and not by sight and faith is not belief in what you do see, because most of us see dead ends. It is acceptance of the unseen and that unseen consists of resiliency, and deliberate action, or intentionality. You see intentionality reflects relationship. And so I seek to be financially free, I seek to leave generational wealth for generations beneath me.  

Jermal Watson 11:43

fears, right? If you don't attempt to live, you'll never know what your fears are really. Right. At one point. I think I was a kid. I used to be afraid of the dark. I always knew if I open the door I'll see light. If I open the blinds on the window, I'll see light.

So I feel that, as a People, if we can get people to know that the lights right there. Sometimes it's a switch these days, it can be a phone, but there's always light. So what's your fear? Do fear light? I think the lights gonna basically dismantle the fear because fear can be darkness. So what changes darkness? . . . . Light

Harry Turner  12:38

Dr. King, he said that darkness cannot dispel darkness. Only light can do that. Hate cannot dispel hate. Only love can do that. And with that being said, I'm gonna say that darkness is not the opposite of light, but it is the absence of light . . .

Jermal Watson 14:33

When that person, who doesn't care about death and isn't afraid to die, dies, the people he cares about the most will be there first. That's basically the main reason why I feel like [living foolishly thru violence and engaging in dangerous activities causing harm to others and not caring about living or dying or going to prison for life] selfish. Because you're doing this knowing that and not thinking about the people who are close to your life. And it doesn't even have to be immediate family. . . . 

Harry Turner  15:57

But let me tell you, there are things that are worse than death. And you'll understand that when that carelessness leads you to a life sentence. And you will become basically a 2021 or modern day, whatever day it is, this version of an enslaved person. You are state property from that moment forward, next to a bunch of other males. . . Only 20 years later, you become one of those changed inmates who are now trying to counsel these young "don't give a [bleep]" teenagers that come into the prison system. . . .

Jermal Watson 18:23

I've never been to prison. I've never visited a prison. Mainly because I always say it even when I was out there wylin' out, I said I'll never go to prison. So I feel that I should avoid it at all costs, no matter what. I have family that's been in prison. I have a family member that actually just got out maybe a year ago, but basically was in a good portion of his teenage and adult life. . . . .every everything has some form of a cycle. There are some pattern some kind of way and not realizing that . . . 

Harry Turner  20:23

Look, there are so many the psychological impacts of historical crimes against humanity, we, we have to become aware of these things because awareness is key. This is why in Alcoholics Anonymous, I believe they still do it, the first thing they do when they stand up is say, "Hi, my name is Harry, and I'm an alcoholic."

Because I must first acknowledge that there is something there that must be addressed, I must be aware of that thing, if I'm going to deal with it. If I'm not aware of it, I will never deal with it. Ignorance and freedom cannot coexist.



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Harry “The Nocturnal Therapist” Turner

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