Men's Mental Health, Dyslexia, Athletics, and the Journey to Self-Acceptance with Lee Povey
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Having coached many of the fastest athletes to ever sit on a bike, our guest today Lee Povey built a reputation of being the best track cycling coach in the world.  

Imagine finding out at 50 years old you have dyslexia! Well, that is exactly what happened to Lee 

In this episode Lee shares his amazing story of how, growing up, he always excelled in areas such as Maths and Science but struggled to articulate that into written words. 

Having always suspected that there was something underlying to this, Lee undertook tests after tests online all pointing to dyslexia.

Finally, Lee had the answer to this missing piece from his whole life and suddenly a lot of the challenges Lee had been faced with in life made sense. 

It’s no surprise that Lee found sports and athletics as an outlet from an early age and later rose to high heights in sprint cycling competing in velodromes. 

In this episode, Lee tells us how his big picture thinking and empathy enabled Lee to support fellow cyclists in their development and was always seen as the person everyone can rely upon for support. This is what ultimately led Lee into Sports Coaching and then eventually Life Coaching really leading into the strengths that came with his dyslexia.

However, this was also what led to his downfall. After suffering from a very serious velodrome accident Lee discovered that, being the dependable support for everyone else, Lee didn’t know how to ask for help for himself and how to accept help.

This accident led Lee to discover more about himself and ultimately find ways of showing when he needs more support and learning to accept help. Lee has now set-up support networks for men in similar scenarios to help one-another in talking about mental health.

Like many people with dyslexia, Lee had learnt on his own self coping strategies to navigate the challenges with dyslexia he didn’t know he had. This grit and determination that came from self-dependency meant that it brought Lee great success and also great challenges. 

Lee is the guy you call in to transform growing companies into market leaders and world-beaters!

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You don’t want to miss this episode!

Key Topics:

  • Find you have dyslexia later in life,
  • Finding coping strategies to navigate dyslexic challenges,
  • Cycling 
  • Learning to ask for, and accept, help.

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For more hacks tip and tricks for dyslexia and full show notes please visit Dyslexia Life Hacks.
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