Dr. Chris Arnold of Dyversity Lab on Dyslexia, Advertising, and Diverse Thinking
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Welcome to The Dyslexia Life Hacks Show with host Matthew Head. In this episode, Matt speaks with Dr. Chris Arnold, founder of Dyversity Lab, a global network of people who naturally think differently. Dr. Arnold shares his dyslexia story and how his experiences have shaped his career in advertising and leadership style. He discusses the challenges he faced in school and how his dyslexia has influenced the way he thinks and approaches problem-solving.

Chris delves into the topic of dyslexia in the workplace. He shares insights into the unique challenges and opportunities that dyslexics face and how dyslexia can be an asset in certain industries, including advertising. He shares stories from his successful career at Saatchi and Saatchi, where he worked as a director and leveraged his dyslexic thinking to create innovative campaigns.

He then introduces the concept of being a 2d thinker vs 3D thinker and explains how dyslexics can leverage their unique cognitive abilities to excel in certain areas. He also shares information about the "Think Like a Dyslexic" programme, which is designed to help individuals and companies tap into the strengths of dyslexic thinking

Finally, Dr. Arnold hints at his upcoming flip book, which promises to provide even more valuable insights into the advertising experience. He invites listeners to check out the Dyversity Lab website for more information and resources.

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